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Washington, D.C.



PPLSI has exciting new changes to our events calendar for 2022 and 2023.  As we continue to improve and expand upon the capabilities of our lawyer network and technology, Lawyer Connect, we are adding new avenues for training, education, and recognition.

With that said, Elevate by LegalShield in Washington DC will be moving from June 2022 to Summer 2023.  We promise it will be bigger and better in 2023 and we will send new dates as soon as possible.

This new events strategy allows us to be more strategic and planful in communicating with all our network lawyers and in training the continued expansion of Lawyer Connect.

First, PPLSI will be hosting a virtual CLE conference this summer. We will have 8 CLE credit hours spread over a two-day event.

Our Fall Provider event is moving from Ada, OK to Dallas, TX. We expect this to make travel much easier and enhance the ability to recruit and bring referral lawyers with you.  Attendance at this event by you and our preferred referral lawyers and new lawyer prospects will be extremely important as we will be reviewing, and training Lawyer Connect from the referral lawyer perspective.

In the spring of 2023, we will have a Providers Only event in conjunction with our International Convention. We will continue our training on technology and the recruitment and onboarding of new referral lawyers into Lawyer Connect.

Details for the CLE trainings, Fall Provider event at Dallas, spring 2023 Provider Only event and Elevate by LegalShield 2023 with be forthcoming.

Also, be on the lookout for regional events as well. PPLSI will be coming to your areas to host and promote regional events to train on technology and help onboard new provider and referral lawyers.

This schedule of events leads us into Elevate by LegalShield in Washington DC – Summer 2023.

We do understand that some of you and your administrative staff have already registered for Elevate 2022. If you have already purchased a ticket, you will receive FREE Registration for the Virtual CLE event, our Dallas Lawyer Connect event, and for Elevate 2023.   If you have any questions about tickets or details, please contact your Territory Manager for assistance.

We are excited about this more fulsome approach to events and training for the Provider Network as Lawyer Connect continues to evolve and expand and we extend this new technology platform to our referral lawyers.

Continuing Legal Education

In addition to the opportunities to learn from powerful speakers, network with your peers and seeing the latest technology, Elevate by LegalShield offers a selection of affordable Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses, all included in the conference registration fee. Each course covers timely topics important to legal professionals.

LegalShield Technology and the Ethics of Using the Partner Application

Great communication is critical to the attorney-client relationship. In fact, most disciplinary complaints include some component of an attorney failing to communicate with a client. Meeting client expectations, including communication, in the modern world has become more challenging. Cloud-based client facing portals tackles these challenges head-on. This includes LegalShield‘s Partner App. Learn how this cloud-based client facing portal will help lawyers meet the 21st-century challenges of communicating with clients.

How to Serve Millennials and Their Modern Family Law Issues

In today’s age, marriage is viewed more than just as a romantic engagement, but also as a financial engagement. Historically, prenuptial agreements were geared toward individuals with family money or a family business and individuals with little to no debt. Traditional marriages occurred usually between individuals just starting out, perhaps just after high school. Today, the average age of marriage is 32 years.